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Favorite Series
The Flash Season 3 Episode 16
Cant wait till savitar fucks right off back to his shitty dark room
The Flash
I agree with CarverBerry wish they used Grant Gustin.
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1
Take ur fucking time lads!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 21
Zoom "Heros die" Not really bud...Pretty sure Flash didnt :) -Drops mic-
Lucifer Season 2 Episode 1
Its may but u took ur time....
The Flash Season 2 Episode 20
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS FUCKING EPIC CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arrow Season 4 Episode 19
Also How the fuck did barry get his speed back?
Arrow Season 4 Episode 19
I would love to see Constantine or Doctor Strange appear and finish Damien Darhk!
Arrow Season 4 Episode 19
HeyItsCarla Sarah is in a different TV Show atm and its called DC Legend of tomorrow!
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13
Holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This fucking episode is epic af.....No Spoilers to others please PS. Cant wait for the next episode
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18
No offence but this episode was utter bollocks and full with shit!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18
Cant wait to watch this!!!!!
Supergirl Season 1 Episode 20
This is pretty good as i am new to watching Supergirl but thing i dont get is if Supergirl has the same powers as Superman then why can she not Survive in space??
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 12
Holy Shit! This is mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
Arrow Season 4 Episode 15
Seraj Its Wednesday Mate
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4
Lucifer should indeed have some "Bloody Carnage" before he turns full human and good
They should carry on with this show because it is pretty good My favorite TV Shows Series at the moment are Arrow,Flash,Constantine
Constantine Season 1 Episode 13
Constantine is such an amazing TV Series! I really love it how they planned this out ! (Need Episode 14 out ASAP!)
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
It doesnt even flipping show who the fuck is ZOOM!...!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 14
The Flash Season 2 Episode 14
Oh my lord please upload the episode already! Cant wait -.-
The Flash Season 2 Episode 14
Sumanth5 I searched about Zoom and his real identity is Hunter Zolomon which is Earth 1 Version of Jay Garick..
The Flash Season 2 Episode 14
I have a feeling that Eddie might be Zoom too because if Reverse flash is back then how come eddie isnt